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Generic Levitra (Vardenafil, LevitraŽ equivalent)

20 MG Quantity Price Price/Pill Returning Customer price FREE Bonus  
10 Pills
$ 70.00
$ 7.00
$ 63.00
30 Pills
$ 119.00
$ 3.97
$ 107.00
60 Pills
$ 209.00
$ 3.48
$ 188.00
90 Pills
$ 269.00
$ 2.99
$ 242.00
*** Most male impotence drugs come in different doses. Generic Levitra comes in 10 mg and 20 mg. We only have the strongest generic Levitra for sale which is 20mg. This can also be split in half.

How To Buy Discount Levitra Without Prescription?

You can buy Levitra online by following the order directions that appear on the "Order Now" page. All medication we have for sale is safe, authentic pharmacy grade that arrives in sealed blister packs with expiry dates a minimum of 2 years. You can purchase Levitra by mail order by paying cash or with blank money order. When you buy from ED Supply Canada you can be sure that your order will be private and there is no reference to the contents you will receive in your package. We are the only online service that not only offers a cheap price on Levitra but also Free shipping to anywhere in Canada. Unlike overseas pharmacies all our orders arrive safely where as 90% of foreign pharmacies your order is confiscated.

What Is The Difference Between Levitra, Cialis & Viagra?

Levita: Vardenafil Hydrochloride - Taken approximately 25 minutes to 1 hour of time bofore you begin sex - Will last in your system for about 5 hours and works on about 75% of men of all ages.

Tadalafil - Taken about 30 minutes to 12 hours before you have sex. Usually used over the weekend or long periods of time of when and where sex is to begin is unknown - Will last a man about 18 to 36 hours of time. Effective for 70% of men.

Sildenafil Citrate -
Recommened for 1 hour before you have sex - Will last a man about 4 hours and is effective on about 72% of men.

What Is The Erective Disfunction Drug Levitra?

Levitra is a drug that has been developed and approved by the FDA in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, it is also known as the PDE-5 inhibitor. This is a second of these drugs to have been approved by the FDA and is able to be taken by some people that suffer from certain elements is also that are suffering from impotency.

This medication does not cure this condition but it is temporarily able to diminish its effects making it possible for men that suffer from erectile dysfunction to have sexual relations with their partner. Impotency is a condition that happens in 50% of males, and is a condition and often happens as men age.

Levitra is not an aphrodisiac, and it does not promote sexual desire, what it does to open the arteries in the penis, which enables blood flow and that results in an erection. This is also a medication that is taking a short time before the planned liaison and last up to four hours.

There are some things that should be avoided in taking as erectile dysfunction medication, such as the foods and in excess of alcohol, because these both can expand the amount of time it will take this medication work. Recreational drugs should also be avoided; as this can create a dangerous situation makes it with Levitra.

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